Monday, June 3, 2013

Four Days and Counting

It's Monday the day this post goes live.  On Thursday, we're outta the state.

We are madly finishing the house preparations in the time we have left.  Sara is busy during the days getting last-minute errands done, and Cory is finishing up at work during the day and helping out around the house in the evenings.

Everything is gone, but we are still dealing with things we forgot we had.  When cleaning out a home, don't just look on the floor.  Get your eyes up!  Things hanging on walls and ceilings tend to get missed by the homeowner who looks at them every day.  We should have hired a professional "Stuff Spotter" to come in for a consultation.  This trained professional would be highly skilled in looking around a home and pointing out the existence and location of forgotten and missed articles.  If we had gone that route, we wouldn't be trying to stuff small trash cans in to larger trash cans (whoa, like, trippy!) and close our city sanitation container lid over old broom and mop handles tonight.  Maybe this could be a career for Cory in Ireland...

This week on the blog, be on the lookout for the final chapter of the (not very) popular "I'll Play Castlevania 3" series and the final few entries of the (much more) popular "Great Jettison" series.  We hope to keep everyone up-to-date on the road trip on this blog, but please forgive us if the road is not kind to our blogging schedule, namely in free wireless internet at the cheap campsites we will be visiting.

We are running out of time to get nice photos taken and uploaded to this internet vehicle, but we are working on some uploading solutions to that problem, so be on the lookout for much more interesting photos from the road.  Thanks to all of our friends and family for following this blog and sending us your silent love and the form of pageviews...

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