Friday, June 7, 2013

We're Out of the House!

Well, it's official.  We are now both happily unemployed and happily homeless.  Maybe we should apply for some government benefits...?

As of now, we are out of the house, and it feels very freeing.  Scratch that (like this, dummy!), it makes us feel very tired, but eventually we believe it will feel freeing.  We are writing this from the comfort of a hotel room in town that we actually sprung the cash for.  Yikes, but it feels good to know that we have nothing left to do in the house and can be comfortable for our last night in town.

Last night in town.  That feels strange to write here.  We have already had a lot of "lasts" in the last (hah!) few weeks, but this is one of the very last "lasts" to feel.  Huh...

Before we left the house, we took some photos of the emptiness.  Follow the jump for the full gallery.

Fountain, hostas, and front porch of our old house

Cory stands in the empty garage of our old house

Our old house is seen from the sidewalk

Flowering hydrangea and large hostas at our old house

Cory is looking around the kitchen before leaving the old house

The floors are clean, shiny, and empty in the living room of the old house

The fireplace stands alone with no furniture in our old house

Empty front room on the last day in the house

The small bedroom is empty

The bathroom is seen from the hallway

The second bedroom is seen from the hallway, empty

The bathroom is seen with the light on

Looking out from the bathroom to the linen drawers

The built-in closet and vanity in the master bedroom

The master bedroom is seen from the doorway

The screen porch is seen through the large window in the living room

Cory is looking at the backyard from the porch one last time

The garden trellis seen from the deck

The backyard is seen from the deck.  Old fire pit is seen in lower center

The garden shed stands with green ivy covering the side facing the house

The green shelves stand alone in the basement

The bar and freezer are empty in the basement

The sump pump has mostly personal emotional significance

This room is behind the bar area of the basement.  The shelf is empty.

Whirlpool washer and dryer set in the basement

The party bathroom in the basement, mostly clean.

The old countertop and cabinet that make up the work bench of the home.

Cory stands behind the bar one last time

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