Monday, June 17, 2013

Road Trip: Leaving Home

Day zero on the road: Coralville, IA to Sioux City, IA.

Maybe you saw the post about packing the car.  If so, check out the photo of the fully packed vehicle.  Please note the happy passenger with the huge guitar in his lap.  That was quite literally the only way we could get everything we needed out of the house.  Please note that not everything you see in the car is going on the long road trip.  The first leg of the trip (we'll call it day zero) was taking our road trip equipment and our Ireland bags out to the house.  We had to drive about six hours with this fully packed thing...

Cory is loaded in the car with boxes and bags piled up on his lap in the passenger seat.  The back seat is piled to the roof of the car

With the way we had it packed, Sara was the only one who could drive.  The driver's seat could not move back to accommodate the longer legs of Cory.  The little engine that could was really chugging getting up to speed, and we had to stop a little bit more than a normal Sioux City trip.  Below is a revised entry from our personal travel journal.

Date        Stop    Odometer   Location                                       Time

6/6/20130206638Coralville, IA12:30 PM
6/6/20131206707Flying J Waterloo, IA1:55 PM
6/6/20132206784Webster City, IA3:27 PM
6/6/20133206849Early, IA4:45 PM
6/6/20134206900Lawton, IA
6/6/20135206913Sioux City, IA6:30 PM

AmericInn Coralville 10:22AM

Watching The Price is Right and waiting for checkout time.  We are killing time here as long as we can.  Closing on the house is scheduled for 11AM, so we are just waiting for the word that it is final.

We got the last of our stuff loaded into the car and took a nice walk to kill some time.  We even found a nice shortcut between two roads we used a lot, and on the last day in town!

Coralville Public Library 11:55AM

It's official!  The house is sold.  Our Realtor called and confirmed a minute ago.  We were sitting in the library waiting for the call.  Boy did it feel good!  Before she called, I checked out a few new books on me Kindle.  We got the car loaded much more comfortable for this fide.  Now I just have the guitar sitting on my chest with no bulky computer bag or plastics tubs of food pressing on me.  I guess when we leave the bank today, we will officially be on our road trip.  We hope the new owners will enjoy the trip as much as we did.

Early, IA 4:45PM

Just stretching.  My chin hurts from the guitar bumping it all afternoon.  It feels good to stretch out in the grass by the gas station. 

Early was the last entry in the journal that day, but rest assured we made it safely to our destination and got the car repacked, just with road trip supplies this time.  Lots of miles and lots of smiles to come.

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