Thursday, June 6, 2013

Packing Day Retroactive Live Blog!

Here is a timeline of our packing day for those interested.  We had one day left in the house and it was time to finally get the rest of everything out.  Read on for the schedule of the day.

Leaving Day Timeline 6-5-13

7:00AM- Woke up in the air mattress on this the last morning in our house.  Made thin coffee by boiling water in the teapot and throwing in a coffee filter filled with grounds and wrapped with a rubber band.  Breakfast:  Hard boiled eggs, fruit, and toast.  Yes, we still have a toaster but no coffee machine.*

7:30AM- Time to get to it!  Getting our clothes and bathroom stuff packed up for the trip.  Doing a final load of laundry so everything can be neatly stowed away for the trip.

8:00AM-Sara cleaning floors in basement while Cory gets going in the yard.

9:00AM- Final mowing of lawn complete.  Pulled a bunch of weeds before mowing and chopped up the evidence with the mower going over the grass.  Yard looks pretty good.  For the first time ever, we have to sweep the driveway and sidewalks of grass debris.  Sara finished with the three bedrooms and the bathroom of the house.

10:00AM- Loading the car for another trip to Goodwill.  Once the Goodwill load is gone, we can load the car with traveling supplies so we can clean the main rooms of the house.  

10:11AM- Sara making run to Goodwill, Cory cleaning the garage and bringing out the traveling supplies for loading.
10:45AM- Sara returns from Goodwill to a clean garage full of bags and camping equipment.  Sara brings lunch from Wendy’s.  With neither chairs nor tables, we eat a Wendy’s picnic on a tarp in the yard.

11:10AM- We start loading the car.

11:11AM- We realize it will be difficult going loading the car.

1:00PM-  Car is loaded after much re-packing, shoving, stuffing, and the need for the passenger to hold a guitar and two backpacks in his or her lap.

1:30PM- After a trip to the library to drop off books and a trip to the dumpster, final house cleaning can commence.  Main room and kitchen to be cleaned.

2:00PM- We are reminded of the magic and the intense nature of Easy-Off Oven Cleaner.  Whoo!

2:45PM- Time for final walk through of the house, after another trip to the dumpster.

2:47PM- Whoops!  Missed the gutters on the back porch.  The helicopters have all sprouted and hundreds of baby Silver Maple trees are growing.  Let me get the neighbor’s ladder…

3:00PM- Time to head out to the hotel.  It’s been a tiring day, and we are SO glad to have a hotel room with a real bed and wireless internet.  It has been so long since we have just relaxed without moving work guilt.

Rest of day- Watching cable, writing blog posts, wondering if our car will make it with everything loaded from floor to headline.

*For those wondering why, our coffee pot broke about a month before the move. As coffee addicts who are also very frugal, we did not know what to do! Coffee is not optional for us in the mornings, and buying a coffee pot that we would only use for a month seemed silly. In the end, it was our friend Emily who saved the day: she had a spare coffee pot that she had received as a gift. Thus, we had our daily fix (thanks Emily!). We returned the coffee pot to her a couple of days ago, so now we are making our bizarre-o tea kettle coffee. It’s for the best—this way we can get used to our camping life style a few days early.

Cory sits in the passenger seat with boxes and bags piled up in his lap.  The backseat is piled to the roof.
Gettin' ready to hit the road!

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  1. I'm glad my coffee pot provided you guys comfort! That car looks pretty packed... it kind of reminds me of a pinata. I'm sure you'll be getting many weird looks on the road. :) Let me know how the massive amounts of audiobooks work out while crossing the county!


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