Thursday, June 27, 2013

Road Trip: Rest day in Eugene

From Cory's travel journal (revised)


Rest day at J&J’s place.  We were slow moving in the morning, so those who had to work went to work in a cold rain while the rest of us took it easy and felt guilty for it J  We watched a Louis C.K. comedy special followed by the latest comedy special of Aziz Ansari.  We worked on some blog posts (you’re welcome) and did all of our laundry from the first week on the road.  We went out to lunch with the poor devil who had to work after our night at Shuryuken League.  Upon arriving back home, we finished laundry while watching episode after episode of Kitchen Nightmares.  Netflix does funny things to people. 

Our hosts were making Pad Thai for supper, which requires some prep work.  Once the prep was finished, we learned a new game, Dominion.  This is a deck-building card game of strategy, wit, and those moments when you feel fully capable of physical violence against loved ones.  We played a short game before supper, and another after we ate delicious Pad Thai.

After dinner and games, we were craving some dessert.  We got some tasty ice cream, did some blender experimentation with the contents of some mysterious glass bottles, watched some Parks and Recreation (Netflix!) and went to bed.

Sorry there are no photos from this day.  We were tired!  Good thing we got all that rest this day, because the trip gets more exciting from here.

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