Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Road Trip: Traveling to Glacier

Travel day two:  Theodore Roosevelt National Park to Glacier National Park

Date       Stop   Odometer    Location                                        Time

6/8/20130207545TRNP8:30 AM
6/8/20131207577Montana Welcome Center9:08 AM
6/8/20132207649Circle, MT
6/8/20133207698Wolf Point, MT11:45 AM
6/8/20134207758Rest stop, Glasgow MT1:05 PM
6/8/20135207892Havre, MT3:30 PM
6/8/20136208067Glacier National Park7:00 PM

Frog poses with a Montana welcome sign reading "Big Sky Country."

Follow the jump for the journal entry of our travel day and photos.

From Cory's travel journal (revised)

Just after we got on the road from TRNP, the rain let up.  We crossed the Montana border just after getting on the road, but Montana is a BIG state.  We stopped at the Montana visitor's center to change clothes.  What a difference dry clothes make after being damp for a whole day and night before, even though we haven't showered. 

Frog poses with a picture of a mountain goat at a Montana welcome sign

Sara spotted the first pronghorn antelope and tumbleweed from the car today.  Montana has a speed limit of 70 on two-lane highways.  At first we were a little nervous about this, but we learned differently quickly.  It is easy to drive 70 on a little road when there aren't any other cars on the road.  Montana is a sparsely populated state, and Eastern Montana seems to have more scattered population than the West.

12:00PM- Just leaving Wolf Point, MT after lunch.  We ate peanut butter sandwiches (again) in the car because the weather is cold and blustery.  I am drying my feet and socks out, and it feels good to have dry feet and shoes at last.  We finished listening to Harry Potter 1 yesterday and have started HP2 today.  We made trail mix in an empty Styrofoam coffee cup because we couldn't get to our plates in the packed back seat.

3:30PM- Havre, MT.  Just saw a sign that said simply, "Canada" and an arrow direction.

 We arrived at Glacier and found our campsite in the Two Medicine area of the park.  We had our pick of campsites and had plenty of daylight to leisurely set up our camp.  The tent (and everything else) was still soaking wet in the car from the morning, but the dry air at Glacier slurped it all up in mere minutes.  We had beans and toast cooked over the campfire after camp was set and ready.  To be cautious of bears, all food materials had to be put away either in the car or in a food locker.  All liquids have to be dumped in a special sink in the bathroom building to keep food smells away from camp.  Big day tomorrow!

Eating beans and toast for our first meal at Glacier National Park in Montana

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