Thursday, July 3, 2014

Tasting Holy Water! and Refreshing the Pipeline

Homebrew Update

After one week in the bottles, my Holy Water! mixed with black tea drink was ready for a sample. I had a glass while I was mixing up a new batch of my standard pipeline cider.

Holy Water! and Bewley's Tea
Holy Water! and Bewley's Tea

I have to say that my hunch was correct! The too-sweet and slight astringent taste of Holy Water! was balanced, smoothed, and diluted by the tea. The result was a slightly lemony-tasting iced tea with just a hint of alcohol kick. It was quite refreshing enjoyed on a warm summer day.

I have more bottles of the tea mixture, and some Holy Water! bottled straight in case I find another mixer that works with it. In the meantime, while the weather is warm, I'll be sticking with this smooth iced tea mix.

If only I had some fresh mint...

As mentioned, I also threw together a batch of pipeline cider. I am going to be unable to brew much in the coming few weeks, so I am working ahead and stocking the brew storage unit under the kitchen sink. Standard pipeline cider procedure...

Pipeline Cider Ingredients
Pipeline Cider Ingredients

Heating Water, Teabag, and Sultanas (Raisins)
Heating Water, Teabag, and Sultanas (Raisins)

After Pitching Yeast and Aerating
After Pitching Yeast and Aerating

Standard ingredients...

3L Sun Grown Apple Juice (85 cents/liter)
Demerara sugar
1 Teabag Bewley's Gold Blend
1 Handful sultanas
1 Pinch yeast nutrient
Cider yeast

Standard OG: 1.050

I really like this recipe. It is cheap and easy to throw together in less than half an hour. For the full recipe and step-by-step instructions, see this older post.

Don't think I've forgotten about that apple/prune wine mix. It still has a lot of finishing and clearing to do. Stay tuned!

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