Monday, July 21, 2014

Prague from Above

So, we've written before that we always try to get a bird's-eye view of any city we visit. Our preference is to get the high view after doing some ground level sightseeing. If we've already seen or visited the museums, churches, and squares, they are easier to identify when seen from above.

In Prague, the best view of the city happens to be from one of the best sights: Prague Castle. Built defensively high up on a hill overlooking the old town, this huge castle complex was the center of Prague's power, and is thus proportionately impressive.

We were heading high, high above the city, to the big, shiny landmark seen clearly from anywhere in the Old Town.

Prague Castle from the River
Prague Castle from the River

...It proved to be high above the city, and the only way to get there was via one of the streets-turned-stairways leading from the Little Quarter (where we were staying) to the Castle Quarter.

Cory Climbing the Steps to Prague Castle
Cory Climbing the Steps

Making the climb was well worth the effort, not just for the visit to spectacular Prague Castle (another post), but for the great views of lower Prague. Misty as it was, we could still see many of the places we had visited just that morning on our Prague self-guided walking tour.

Charles Bridge and Red Roofs of Prague
Charles Bridge and Red Roofs

We love the red roof look of these continental cities. The high view lets us see the endless stretch of these iconic and pleasing roof tiles. Looking into the far distance, we can see the suburbs with more modern architecture and building materials. We don't mind this look, people have to actually live somewhere, right?

Tyn Church and More Red Roofs in Prague
Tyn Church and More Red Roofs

We liked the view so much that we even returned at night for some grand views of Prague's dreamily-lit skyline. It is much more difficult to capture the look of a city at night with a camera. Let these photos be a start for your imagination until you can make your own trip to Prague.

Tyn Church at Night in Prague
Tyn Church at Night

Wide View of Prague at Night
Wide View of Prague at Night

...Trust us, it's amazing. Cameras of any quality can do it no justice.

If in Prague, a visit to Prague Castle will certainly be on any self-or-agent-planned itinerary. To get views like this, just turn around at the top of the steps and enjoy! We walked as much of the castle walls as we could to find the best angles of different sights in town. Our schedule allowed it, and we were glad it did. More and more reasons to fall in love with Prague.

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