Saturday, July 19, 2014

Retro Saturday: Final Fantasy 5 Four Job Fiesta Highlights

We're back to the Fiesta and the highlights from this week. Last week in Run 2, we finished World 2 and were on to World 3. I ended up, with some encouragement from a friendly viewer in chat, finishing the game in one long stream.

I tackled a few of the optional dungeons to prepare for this game's final descent. In the Phoenix Tower, I picked up all the cash and a set of Reflect Rings for everyone. I did the usual Island Shrine and Fork Tower duo, having a tough time with the Wendigo boss in the Shrine but totally owning Omniscient after getting a tip from my friendly chatter about his weakness to Mute Sword.

Next, I completed the deep sea trench- not without some difficulty. I hadn't done this dungeon in my last run, and was quite rusty with it. Thankfully, my helpful chatter guided me to the Flame Ring and gave me an easy tip for the boss.

I took on the normal gauntlet of bosses in the cleft, losing once to Twintania, who used Giga Flare before I could use Break Sword for the insta-kill. On the next attempt, I accidentally got the insta-kill with the Death effect of the Assassin Dagger.

I beat Exdeath on the first shot, then went back to take on Shinryu, which took one game over before I learned to abuse Quick and Blink with it.

Later that night, off stream, I killed Omega using the famous Quickleak technique, a very cheap boss kill indeed. Basically, the player puts Omega into HP leak status, then freezes the ATB bars with the spell Quick, allowing the leak to continue without expiring. It took more than two hours for Omega's 55,000+ hit points to slowly drip away, but eventually they did. I made a video demonstrating the setup, but I did NOT make a video of the whole two hour sitting session.

Next time, we're going Classic!

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