Saturday, July 12, 2014

Retro Saturday: Final Fantasy 5 Four Job Fiesta Highlights

After getting our Earth job, we were on to World 2, Galuf's home planet. There isn't much to do in the second world, especially when the goal isn't to 100% the game. I was just trying to get through the thing!

After some errand-running, I took on the first difficult boss of the world, Atmos. This is a strange fight, in which Atmos kills a character and tries to eliminate them from the battle by sucking them into some kind of black hole void thing..

After beating Atmos, it doesn't get any easier, as we work through the Forest of Moore with an insanely high random encounter rate and a very trick Fiesta boss at the end. Each of the four crystal guardians is aligned to a different element: wind, fire, earth, water. They hit hard, and when they get to critical hit points, begin attacking the party with high-level elemental magic. This was a tough one, even on my second attempt!

...But it still doesn't get easier! The last battle of World 2 is that with Exdeath himself. He is fast, he hits hard with attacks and magic, and leaves very little room for error in a Fiesta run.

Next week, we'll continue our journey to World 3 and the final battles. Stay tuned!

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