Thursday, July 31, 2014

Selling some Spare Writing

With so much practice doing this writing thing in my spare time, I decided to try my luck at writing generic internet-friendly articles on a variety of topics and put them up for sale.

I recently sold a usage-rights-only article about my new hobby of streaming video games. The usage license means that I retain ownership of the article and can still claim it (and share it here) as my own. I did not include a byline (By Cory Hanson line under the title) in this article, so it was published without an author line on a how-to site.

When I sell full-rights articles (which I have) I can no longer claim them as mine and can't share them here, but when I sell the one-time usage of an article, with or without my byline, watch for it to appear in the In Print tab on the blog.

If you care to read my piece about internet video game streaming, you can check it out here.

I hope this can turn into something I can do to develop my writing and to make a little something on the side.

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