Saturday, July 5, 2014

Retro Saturday: Final Fantasy 5 Four Job Fiesta Highlights

I started my second run of the 2014 Four Job Fiesta, this time on the Game Boy Advance version of the game. I made the switch because the GBA version has the player-friendly feature of the auto dash without needed to have the thief DASH ability equipped. As I didn't have a thief assigned on this run, I had to try the GBA version to avoid slowly traipsing through the entire SNES/Super Famicom version.

Here are the highlights so far..

Magissa and Forza were an absolute beatdown with four monks...

Liquid Flame was a bit more of a problem...

ArchaeoAvis was a long slog. Longer than necessary because I didn't write down the elemental weaknesses of each of its forms before the battle. I made that correction in my notes for next run...

With my Earth Crystal jobs in hand, I could continue with my full party. Monk, White Mage, Time Mage, and Mystic Knight. Yeah!

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