Wednesday, April 24, 2013

I'll Play Castlevania 3 Part 12

This level is unspeakable.  I sincerely hope it gets better from here, for all involved.  Because my commentary would show my support for this level's existence, I decline my regular commentary in favor of something worthwhile.

We all need to be exposed to more great literature, so today we read from the first chapter of Dracula...the book.  Without getting too much into literary criticism of Victorian repression and fantasy, the book is actually quite interesting.  It is told only in journal entries, telegrams, letters, newspaper clippings, and other media interactions between the characters.  The first chapter is all from the journal of Jonathan Harker, before he forms his vampire hunting alliance with the other characters in the book.

Hopefully, if the game gets back on the rails, we will return to our normal format... or maybe we'll just read the whole damn book together!

Book cover from an old edition of Dracula with some comic text added.  "To get to me, you must climb the blocks!  What?  It isn't this easy for you?"

As always, read, subscribe, comment, and enjoy!

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