Tuesday, April 30, 2013

I'll Play Castlevania 3 Part 14

...Now featuring bonus material!  Trevor and (worthless) Alucard have finally made it to the castle entrance! Inside, we see some familiar scenery if we've played Castlevania before.  The original CV game begins in this same castle entryway 100+ years after Trevor makes his way through.  Check out the bonus video of me playing through that same level.

Screenshot from Castlevania 3 depicting the boss fight between Trevor Belmont and Death

One will notice that this room in CV1 is deteriorating and crumbling, as if it has laid untended for a long time. In CV3, things look pretty fresh.  We also allude to Dracula (in later levels) being on a throne in CV3, while he rests in a coffin when we see him in CV1.  More on Drac later.

Here we take on The Reaper himself after the collapsing bridge.  No turning back now!

First, you simply must (not really) see my practice runs of level 8 with more kiddy music.

...More dying, fresh music...

Commentary returns while we (mostly) make it through level 8 with only a little bit of state saving and loading.  So what!?

Bonus material-  See here for level 1 of CV1.  Compare the goodness!

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