Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Great Jettison: Part 5

...Cool Green Chair for a Buck!

Closeup shot of an olive green high-backed chair with a retro pattern on display before being sold on Craigslist
I wonder what this cost someone in 1964...
Were there three more like it in a set?

Free stuff sure is great, especially when it's this cool.  When one finds a piece on the curb such as this AND it is clean(ish), one ignores all other condition issues and picks it up.

The "other condition issues" we found were manifested in cheap, broken pressboard and missing stuffing in the seat of the chair.  This resulted in an unintended car bucket seat, an almost perfectly round bowl upon which to rest one's duff...

Closeup shot of the broken seat of the olive green high-backed chair before being sold on Craigslist
I'd take a better picture of the damage, but this is
no longer in my possession
It lived a very long, happy, and productive life in the basement, where it was accepted for all its age, flaws, quirk, and character.  Many Several a party guest enjoyed a game of cards, a social chat, or a power hour in this chair, and it rose to the task well.

When it came time for The Great Jettison, I had great visions for this chair.  I didn't want it to suffer the same fate it had before I rescued it from the clutches of the garbage collector.  My faith in Craigslist was again rewarded when I listed it with the title, "Cool Green Chair for a Buck!"  A furniture restorer came over and took a look at the damage.  After deciding she would be able to fix it, she coughed up the sawbuck and took the chair into a brave new future.  So long, little buddy!  I'm glad I was able to find you another loving home. This one may even put time and effort into you.

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