Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Great Jettison: Part 4

The Bottle Flat: The fun $5

A case of green Mountain Dew glass bottles on display before being sold on Craigslist
My parents will recognize this...
There are certain items that just don't seem to fit into...ANY category, but I thought deserved note here.  Craigslist has great advantages for selling many items.  The local, cash-only dealing has been very refreshing for a previous ebay/half buyer/seller.  Even with the frustrations of dealing with broken pickup appointments, (again, people not like me...) Craigslist has worked well for our larger, general-interest items.

When dealing with more specialty items, the Craigslist experience can be a little more scary interesting...

See the photos for my former collection of Mountain Dew bottles.  I obtained these bottles from a great friend of mine in about 2002.  Believe it or not, they were filled with homemade Mountain Dew made from illicitly obtained syrup mixed with water and a block of dry ice for carbonation.  Yeah, dry ice.  I thought (and still think) that was an incredibly ingenious idea, and I remember enjoying drinking the pop when I got it.  I was never able to bear parting with the bottles (read: removing from parents' basement) until the international move.  I did move them from parents to our current home, but they have been in the basement for a full year without any love or attention, and it was time to go.

Closeup shot of a single Mountain Dew bottle to show the old logo
Thought about using these to bottle beer, but the desiccated
spider and centipede bodies in the bottom gave me pause...a LOT of pause.

Looking at collector sites (not local Craigslist), I saw similar bottles with collector specs I neither knew nor cared about for about a dollar each.  Taking off the "Craigslist discount" I listed them for $5 for the whole case including one glass Coke bottle and one missing where the bottom of the flat had broken out.

After sitting on the internet for a while, some Mountain Dew collector stumbled upon them and made the drive from about an hour away to pick these up.  He was excited to add these to his stash, and he excitedly told me about his most recent Mountain Dew pickups.  Apparently the market is pretty hot for old signage and bottles if you know where to look.  It seems anything featuring Willy the Hillbilly is particularly valuable.

...Now that's what I call P.C.!

Yet another proud Craigslist sale, even though I didn't make the score with Willy here.

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