Monday, April 15, 2013

The Great Jettison: Part 6

...You Can't Win 'Em All

Hey!  Shut up!  Seriously!  Sometimes, despite one's best efforts, stuff just doesn't sell on Craigslist.

It might be out of date, but not quite so out of date to make it "retro" or, "desirable."  It might be totally kick-butt and awesome to only me.  It might just be really weird.  Whatever the reason, here we'll see a few things that made it to the internet with nary a sniff of interest from the web's weirdest huddled masses...

If you've ever seen the classic Simpsons episode, Homer at the Bat (1992), then you know who this guy is:

"Steve Sax's run-in with the law!"

...And here is the man, Steve Sax in pristine, new in box condition displayed on my basement wall.  

Steve Sax Starting Lineup figure on display in the box before going up for sale
Sports Super Star Collectible!?
Player stats on the back of the collector card!?
Mom!  Buy me one right now*!
*now = August 1988
Can you believe this guy didn't go for $2 on local Craigslist!?  Me neither, Dude.  Don't get any hot ideas about making an offer (unless it's good) 'cuz he's all packed, or I gave him to Goodwill... I can't remember which.  Now he lives on, in pog blog form!

...Speaking of baseball, don't people like bobbleheads anymore?  More specifically, don't people like bobbleheads of former World Series MVPs in minor league uniforms on a rehab stint in the Midwest League?

Josh Beckett bobblehead on display before going up for sale

Profile view of Josh Beckett bobblehead before going up for sale

If Craigslist has a vote, (and it does) we are to understand that people don't like bobbleheads of former World Series MVPs in minor league uniforms on rehab stints in the Midwest League.  The Kane County Cougars (Geneva, IL) must have had a nice crowd on this game night.  I only hope (for the Cougars' sake) that Beckett was still on the roster by the time this giveaway night rolled around.  Wouldn't it be fun to wait in line for your local Class A minor league team to see Josh Beckett pitch only to have him called back up early?  I can see it now...

Sorry about all the Simpsons references.  They all just came so naturally.  Many more unsold treasures in posts to come...


  1. "And here come the pretzels!!"

    -Cousin Billy

    1. Couldn't actually find a YouTube video with "...Here come the pretzels!" So I had to go for Whitey Ford there. Thanks for commenting!


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