Friday, April 12, 2013

I'll Play Castlevania 3 Part 8

Level 6...  Even Game Genie can't help Trevor and (weak as all get-out) Alucard slide through this level.  We sincerely hope you all like to watch another person play an 8-Bit NES game and die over and over, only to NOT hand over the controller.

Holla if you hear me, those who had That-Friend-Who-Would-Never-Let-You-Play-His-Or-Her-Game-Even-When-He-Or-She-Would-Totally-Suck-At-It-And-Always-Die.  Why would that person even call you over to his or her house to play the game?  Just to show you what he/she had and you didn't?  

And to you, if you WERE That-Friend-Who-Would-Never-Let-Others-Play-Your-Game-Even-When-You-Would-Totally-Suck-At-It-And-Always-Die...

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