Thursday, May 2, 2013

From the Yarn Basket: A Useful Case to Put Hooks In

Here is a small and simple project I finished a couple of months ago. Apologies for being less than timely, but although I have a couple of projects currently in the works, I haven't finished one since Thesis Blanket. Sigh. The time for more knitting will come...I just have to pack up my house and finish my thesis revisions first.

All work and no knitting makes Sara feel weary,  but it will be time for yarn again soon!

I undertook this project out of necessity more than anything else. As I continue to pursue knitting and crocheting, I accumulate many tools and accessories. Several years ago, my wonderful mother sewed knitting needle and crochet hook holders for me that have served me well. The day finally came, however, when my collection of needles, double-pointed needles and crochet hooks outgrew them. I decided to make a new holder for my crochet hooks, and what better method than crocheting one! I dug around the interwebs until I found one that I liked:

Multi-colored home made crochet hook case rolled up for storage
All rolled up...
Crochet hook case unrolled to display crochet hook collection
...and voila! It holds my entire collection of hooks!
Very handy indeed! For yarn I used some "I Love This Cotton" that I received as a Christmas gift (thanks Rosie!). The case easily holds all of my hooks and still has room for a few more if when I end up getting new ones. The crochet hook holder my mom made for me now houses my double-pointed needles, and now everything has a home!

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  1. Thank you again for your excess yarn! I've just finished some knit booties with a decorative crochet flower using your donated royal blue and pearl white yarns!


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