Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Great Jettison: We'll take that, too!

How do they know?  Sometimes I have had people on Craigslist give me responses on multiple items.  A few of them have pointed this fact out to me and offered to buy more than one item.  Things like, "I noticed you also have the __________ for sale.  Can we make a deal?"  I am fine making deals, of course, but how do they know which items are mine?  I have my email hidden on the site, and am careful not to include any personal information in the post.

Two white padded Broyhill chairs on display before being sold on Craigslist

Is it because I copy and paste the same suffix to the end of every post?

"Local pickup only, please respond by email if you are interested or would like to come over and take a look.  Be sure to include the word 'craigslist' in your email so it gets through my email filter."

Who knows, but I do know that someone saw that I had the above white Broyhill chairs and the sea green table below for sale at the same time.  All of these pieces were purchased cheaply shortly after our wedding. The table was another funky color, but we painted it the green color to match a few other pieces of furniture we had purchased with funky colors.

Painted seafoam green side table on display before being sold on Craigslist

Top view of seafoam green side table with divots on the top surface

The green table, unfortunately, had already been promised to another buyer, who Sara was meeting at a place in town.  This particular buyer wasn't like any other I have met.  Truly this family was one of my own heart.  Follow the jump for the touching story.  

They came over for the Broyhill chairs, but that wasn't all they left with.  When they arrived at the house that day, they saw that we were clearly moving.  It was nice chatting with them about the impending move and the need to sell a lot of our furniture.  In addition to the white chairs, I showed them a coffee table, rugs, and the TV stand pictured below.

Tan TV stand on display before being sold on Craigslist

They weren't so interested in the coffee table, but were excited about this TV stand.  We had purchased the stand at the local consignment store, and there are still scratches on the roof of our car to prove we had transported it home that day.  It has worked wonderfully for us for several years, and it made me happy not just to have it off our hands, but to sell if to someone who thinks a lot like me.

A look into the storage compartments of the TV stand

They also took a liking to this very nice rug that used to live in our front room.  It covers most of a small room, and seemed to work perfectly for the room they were redecorating.

Very large area rug on display before being sold on Craigslist

They were very impressed with our re-purposing, repainting, and our general decorating style and philosophy.  I think we could have been great friends if we weren't leaving when we were.  They even liked a chair that Sara and her family have always liked, but I never saw the apparently stunning beauty that these people all see.  Oh well, that chair is out of our life for a while, anyway.

After they went to the ATM to get more cash, they came back and very cleverly loaded up all of that into a small sedan (like the one we have) using the rug as a roof pad and strapping the big stand to the top.  What a great chance to meet some great people.

Oh yeah, while the first family was here looking at and deciding to buy our stuff, another buyer came over to look at this blue rug.  Not a blog-worthy story in itself, but I thought it neat to include here having two different families in our home evaluating our formerly precious possessions at the same time.

Dark blue area rug on display before being sold on Craigslist

...So there's that.

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