Sunday, May 5, 2013

It's Mayor's Cleanup Week!

In a rare change of form, we're posting in real time!  We couldn't help it after today.

Twice a year in our city, the government holds the sacred event that is Mayor's Cleanup Week.  During this week, you can set out ANYTHING (well, not anything, but a lot of things...) for pickup... for free.

Cory with a curb full of large trash items ready for takeaway
One side of the pile.
 Here I am with about two thirds of the total haul.  There is more not in this photo that couldn't fit in our little patch of right-of-way, AND people had already taken our lawn mower, a stepladder, and a few other things.

Yes, people can take your stuff before the city does.  In fact, the city counts on it!  Every other MCUW we've had since living here, I have been a curb trawler, patrolling the refuse and detritus of the good citizens of this city looking for a score.  I have come out ahead in just about every one of them.  This time was supposed to be different.  I swore I would not fall to temptation and pick up things.  "ONLY GET RID OF THINGS!" I told myself.

Did I stick to the plan...?

First, that was A LOT of stuff to take out to the curb, on a warm day.  That pile includes (but is not limited to) three doors(!), a big pile of wood in various stages of rot, and nine full sheets of drywall.  Normally I like to drink my dark, malty, hoppy, pretentious homebrews.  Today, after working in the hot sun, I had to go for the watery, refreshing classic...

A can of Hamm's poured in a PBR glass

...Speaking of classic beers, I did not adhere to my promise not to take anything in, but you will clearly see I had no choice.  My wonderful neighbor asked me to help bring some things down to the curb for him.  One of them was the following:

A gift from my neighbor, a Schlitz bar light and clock
 Apparently the clock works fine and the electric lights inside function, but he has been unable to locate a replacement bulb for one of the light sockets, so he really wanted to dump it.  I asked him to reconsider getting rid of it, because it's probably worth some money, even without the bulb, but he insisted.

Later, he asked for my help moving something in his basement.  When he saw that I liked the clock above, he asked if I wanted the next three (fully functional) pieces...

A PBR wall light and a spinning Lord Calvert Canadian Whiskey light

Blue spinning globe light with the Schlitz logo

These were pictured on a messy table, but all of them work and move!  These pieces all rotate by the heat of the light bulb in them.  They have little fans above the bulb that must work by heated air rising up and forcing the components to turn.  Just astonishing.

Cory posing with some metal shelves and other large trash items at the curb

And here, anticlimactically, is the rest of the stuff.  Including my very awesome rickety table.

As of this writing (4:33 PM) much of the stuff has been taken.  So far, we have lost the drywall, the metal shelf, some flower pots, all three doors, metal poles, birdcage (from previous owners) and most of the good wood.  Look for an edit to see what else gets picked up this week.

As always, read, subscribe, comment, and enjoy!

ed. note:

Here are the beer signs with lights.

PBR wall light on display in action in a dark room

Blue Schlitz spinning globe light in action in a dark room

Lord Calvert Canadian Whiskey light in action in a dark room

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