Thursday, May 30, 2013

Getting Ready

Tired... Tired...

No fun photos, no wit and wisdom, energy... draining...

We are just about one week from closing on the house, and it's crunch time.  Earlier this Spring, I took a look at the yard and said, "Hey!  Selling in June, we might not have to do much to the yard at all!"  I was wrong.  We have had near record-setting rainfall this Spring here in Eastern Iowa, and the bushes, weeds, grass, and everything else have just loved it.

I finally gave up the other night and decided I had to take some yard action.  I thought I would have an easy time in the yard because I am not planting (sadly) my vegetable garden.  The vegetable planting was just about covered by the amount of maintenance needed in weeding and pruning.  I'd like everything looking spic and span for the new owners next week, so I have to work fast.  This working fast has led to some tired muscles to which any homeowner/gardener can relate.

Our house is nearly empty.  We are sitting on camp chairs and watching the television sitting on top of an upturned bucket.  This means that going inside isn't necessarily much more comfortable than being outside in the yard working.  One's legs fall asleep sitting in a camp chair for more than a few minutes at a time, so it is nearly impossible for us to be too sedentary.

Next week, we will be out of the house and on our road trip.  We are in the mid-to-late planning stages of the trip now, and we will hopefully be ready by closing day.  We better be, 'cuz we're outta here, ready or not.  When the road trip arrives, the blog will be a little less active than we have all been used to.  We've kept the every weekday posting going so far, but we will be away from internet and computers for the better part of a month.  Whenever we can, we will post updates and photos from the road and will share that out via facebook, so keep your ears to the ground for us.

...Ok, maybe one funny photo...

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