Monday, May 13, 2013

The Great Jettison: Rugs

Just two of the MANY rugs we have sold.  

How many area rugs does a home with wood floors and a nasty painted basement floor need?  As many as can be obtained.  It just so happens that we had exactly that many.

Round area rug on display before being sold on Craigslist
This rug kept our toes warm in the cold bedroom through the winter.

Let's go from the boring to the awesome.  Above:  Boring (but nice quality...) This rug also has a rather boring sale story.  Someone just saw it, liked it, came over, and gave us the cash for it.  You didn't think that everything I sold on Craigslist has a cutesy story, did you?

After the break:  Awesome.

Thanks for sticking with this story.  Below is the photo of your reward.

White area rug with curvy black bars
It would only be sweet-er if it had been free-er!
This was a curbside find that I granted Perfect for Basement (PFB) status.  When I first collected it, the rug was covered with what I hoped was dog hair.  A quick driveway vacuum took care of most of that, and into the basement it went.  There it served an honorable tour of covering up the failed floor paint job I attempted and acted as a chip-crumb catcher for our social gatherings around the retro table and chairs we had there.

White area rug with black bars
Post-modern, Post-mortem

It was listed on Craigslist for just a few dollars, being old, stained, and covered with old dog hair.  Not being surprised at anything that happens on Craigslist anymore, we had no special feelings when the interest emails popped up.  It was purchased by a nice couple who had to pick it up at 6:30 in the morning on their way to work.  Turns out this couple was in the business of basement water damage restoration, and had a busy couple of weeks after a severe washout rain and flash flooding in our area.  When they saw the rug, they deemed it cleanable!

I am very interested to meet the people who have hobbies that pay off with nice things.  I have met furniture painters, carpet cleaners, art students, and others who are in the re-purposing game.  I would really like to check out this as a possible hobby to add to my growing list.  Maybe I can make some money but, more importantly, maybe I can get some cool stuff, meet some cool people, and get some cool stories.

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