Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Great Jettison: Two visits in one day!

These chairs are were great for us.  We obtained them shortly after getting married in 2007.  Since then, they have had served not only as sturdy, movable chairs, but also a stepladder.  For painting, it seems from the photo.  

We had these chairs in the apartment and the house.  They even outlasted the chairs with our Ethan Allen wood dining table, and that's, like, real furniture.

Two wooden chairs on display before being sold. One chair is covered with white paint spots

In the "Price to Sell" mindset, we listed them for only 5 dollars on a Friday night, and had hits on them right away.  Early Saturday morning, we sold them to a nice young gentleman who was furnishing a new apartment (lots of people like that around here) and was also into furniture painting/finishing.

Little did he know, he'd be back to the house...later that day...with friends...

See the beauty that is the BIG CORNER DESK.  We got this thing from the consignment store shortly after moving, and it was a pain to bring back to the office.  We knew at that time it would be a fun not fun time getting it back out.  Why think about it when moving out seems so far away.

Large corner computer desk on display before being sold on Craigslist
Two pieces? Yeah. Still hard to move? Yeah.
The desk was in two large pieces, but was very functional and worked really well for us.  See it holding computer, printer, and lots of room for other desktop detritus that tends to pile up in our home.

We listed it the desk on Craigslist later in the same day, and got the email reply almost right away.  In my hurry and general boneheaded-ness, I missed that it was from the same guy I had seen that morning.  I'm sure he recognized the address when he came back, but our ad specifically asked that the buyer bring a small crew to help bring the desk out of the house.

When he showed up at the door, I knew him immediately.  After some smiles and general "Small world" talk, we got down to business.  The idea dawned to us from way back in our moving in days in which we turned each piece of the desk up on the side and used the rug as a slider!  It worked wonderfully, and we had both parts of the desk out of the house and into their truck in a quick slick jiffy.

...The room has a bit of an unnerving echo now that the desk and all the boxes are out... creepy.

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