Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Iowa City Bucket List Part I: Happy Birthday, Cory!

Iowa City is a fun place to be, and over the last 5+ years that we have lived here we have discovered and enjoyed many great places to eat and activities to enjoy. Cory and I decided to put together an Iowa City bucket list so that we could savor some of our favorites before we move. We knocked a few of them out in celebration of Cory's birthday a few weeks ago, and we have plenty of pictures to share. 

Iowa City Bucket List Item (ICBLI) #1: Eat a massive Chinese Buffet supper

Ok, so this one isn't all that unique to Iowa City. However, it is Cory's absolute favorite place to go out for dinner, where he can unabashedly binge on all things MSG. We went to the Peking Buffet in Coralville, where we enjoyed the standard buffet fare of sushi, egg rolls, sweet and sour chicken, etc. Dee-lish!

Cory sitting in front of a Chinese buffet supper
Dinner of Champions!

ICBLI #2: Attend an Iowa Hawkeye Athletic Event

Cory and I have not attended nearly enough Hawkeye sporting events in our Iowa City tenure (is there such a thing as enough?). To fulfill this ICBLI, we went to an Iowa Baseball game vs. Michigan State. Baseball games at Iowa are really fun because they aren't particularly crowded, and they have ridiculously cheap tickets. The night we went, there were several little league teams in attendance, which made for some entertaining t-shirt giveaways. I don't think there is anyone that gets as excited about free t-shirts than nine year old boys. Anyway, it was a great game, the weather was fabulous, and we even got to say goodbye to Herky while we were there! 

Iowa mascot Herky dances in the stands at the Iowa baseball game
Fight! Fight! Fight! For Iowa!
Cory keeps the scorecard at the Iowa baseball game
Cory's diligent score-keeping
Scorecard for Iowa Baseball Game vs. Michigan State
For the curious, here are the final game stats

Best of all, Iowa won! It was an excellent way to see our Hawkeyes off. And of course, a birthday celebration would be incomplete without cake (even when all of your cake pans are in boxes)!

Cory holding swiss cake rolls for birthday cake
Yes, those are Little Debbie's Swiss Cake Rolls
Stay tuned for further Iowa City Bucket List Items!

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