Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Moving out...Sorta

So... moving smart, eh?  We wanted our moving experience to be as painless as possible.  If you've read the post about  Camping Out, you no doubt remember our plan.  In short, we wanted to have things packed up gradually with as little help from friends, family, and neighbors as possible.  I took a look at storage unit possibilities and balked immediately at the price.

After receiving the generous offer of help from our parents of free basement storage, we were ready to go!  One Penske moving truck was lined up and we were ready to go!

Sara and Cory posing with the full moving truck

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Sara was to pick up the truck at noon on a Friday and get a little head start on loading.  When I got home from work, I was to help her finish up the loading so we could get an early start on Saturday.  Her loading job was made easier by her system of labeling and organizing all of the boxes, tubs, and furniture.

Boxes are stacked and arranged for loading

It made the job so quick, in fact, that she had the whole job done before I could get home!  She worked hard all afternoon, make no mistake, but it ended up being a three-hour job for one person.  The only things she needed help with were the chunky pieces of furniture like those below.

A futon and other furniture packed up and ready to load.

 This easy process gave us high hopes for an easy unload on Saturday.  The photo above was taken in Dubuque in the morning at one of our parents' homes, and the photos below were taken 320 miles and a whole truckload of unloading later that day.  Note the change in sunlight when comparing the full truck above with the empty truck below.

Cory and Sara finishing unloading the truck

Cory and Sara relaxing in front of the empty truck after a VERY long day.

With the concerted efforts of family and neighbors, we got everything stashed away safely for a long rest in basements.  It is a little painful knowing we won't see some of our treasured possessions for a long time, but nice to know they are all in a good place.  We are so busy right now as to not even have time to think about material comforts, so camping out at home is really no big deal.

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